Tuesday, May 22, 2007

TRIMA Swim Videos - A First Attempt

I brought my camera and all-weather case into a TRIMA session (triathlon/masters group swim) at the Berkeley YMCA on 15 May 2007 to see how it would work for filming underwater swimming action.

I was a bit dubious given the indoor lighting conditions and murkiness of the water, but results were better than expected. Ideally, we should do this filming in a clear, outdoor pool on a sunny day. We'll have to plan a field trip sometime.

In the meantime, we can experiment with different perspectives in the Y pool to see what works the best. One interesting feature is the "birdseye" perspective we can get only at the Y by filming from the floor above the pool.

So where are the videos? I've uploaded them to YouTube here. But you should be able to see them in the embedded player below. The videos on YouTube have additional descriptive information, if you're interested.